Off the Floor® Furniture

Del Mar

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The “Off the Floor”® furniture was invented by John Bradford Brandon. John did years of research and designed furniture for the efficiency, economy and hygiene of residential communities and the convenience, comfort and safety of the residents. There is only one rule for improving anything – that is you MUST look at everything differently!  Everything about furnishing a resident room has been changed.  Everything that causes problems and makes life difficult for the caregivers, nursing staff, cleaning and maintenance people and their residents, have been eliminated.  These furniture designs make life simpler and easier for the staff and residents.



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  • OSHPD approved and meets California seismic requirements
  • Easy to clean rooms
  • Cuts cleaning costs by 2/3
  • Increases hygiene thus reduces health risks
  • Increased usable floor space
  • Creates a home like environment
  • Furniture life increased
  • Residents items organized
  • Arthritis friendly
  • Storage or nursing supplies in resident rooms
  • Decreases of claims for lost personal items
  • Lockable cabinetry
  • Decreases storage of abandoned personal furniture
  • Made in the USA

The Off the Floor Furniture is Suitable for:

Patio Homes Senior living Assisted living
Independent living Rehabilitation centers Residential facilities
Skilled nursing homes Medical facilities Hospitals
Respiratory care Memory care Addiction support
Mental heath Developmentally challenged Handicapped services